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Chef Sharp Mobile Sharpening

Chef Sharp, is a mobile sharpening service that helps chefs and home cooks in the Triad get the best performance from their knives and kitchen tools.

Larry McFadden Chef Sharp

Sharpening Services

“Best is our standard if we wouldn’t accept it ourself, we wouldn’t expect you to accept it as well” – Larry McFadden 

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Home Cooking Knives

It is important to keep kitchen knives sharp so that they can cut through food with less effort. Dull Knives are dangerous knives.

Professional Cutlery

Chef Sharp will pull right up to your restaurant and sharpen your kitchen's knives for you, so that you can save time and focus on running your business.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Sharpening your garden tools on a regular basis will boost their performance and extend the length of your favorite gardening tools.

Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives

Having a good hunting season? It's time to tend to your knives so that you are ready when you snag your next 8-point buck. Hunt in confidence with a freshly sharpened knife.



A well sharpened pair of scissors can last a lifetime. Having to buy new pairs of craft scissors every time you start to notice a rough cut can start to get very expensive.


We Sharpen Anything

Chef Sharp can sharp any metal object that has an edge. We have sharpened pocket knives, pet trimmers, shop tools, tweezers, mower blades, & more!

Ready to get Sharp?

Click the get a quote button and tell us what type of knives you have and what quantities for each type of blade. Feel free to email us any questions. You can always come see us at one of the locations below.

Sharpening Schedule

We are thankful for these amazing locations!


Southern Home and Kitchen

Thursdays from 1pm – 4pm
Thruway Shopping Center

200 S Stratford Rd #110,
Winston-Salem, NC 27103


Lowe's Foods in Clemmons


Cobblestone Farmers Market

Saturdays from 8:30am – 12:00pm

1001 Marshall St SW
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Drop Off Anytime

The Budding Artichoke

Sharpened and ready for pick up
with in 48 hours.

Meet Larry

After serving for over twenty years in the United States Air Force, Larry retired to follow one of his true passions, cooking. Following culinary school he began a career with Marriott International in St Louis Missouri. 

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Larry McFadden Chef Sharp
Larry is a loving husband, father, and grandfather residing in Winston Salem.

About Chef Sharp

During his career, with Marriott International, he met Chef Timothy Grandinetti. This opportunity would eventually lead to Larry’s relocation to Winston Salem North Carolina to assist Chef Tim in opening a restaurant named “Springhouse”. The Springhouse made its debut and Larry was now working as the Chef deCuisine. 

As a life long sharpening hobbyist, working as a chef, Larry saw the need for a mobile service for restaurants and home chefs. This lead to the beginning of Chef Sharp Mobile Sharpening. 

Chef Larry now operates the only veteran/chef owned sharpening service in the Triad.

Chef Sharp Mobile Sharpening
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