Just wanted to say thank you for your work. Knives that had been relegated to the camping box are now incredibly functional again and are once more a joy to cut things with. Thanks!
Satisfied Customer
Highly recommend! My knives are like new, and some nicks on the edge of my chef's knife were smoothed away. Convenient locations, reasonable prices, and all-around great service!
Becky F.
Satisfied Customer
Highly recommended. He has sharpened knives for both my son and me. Our home kitchen prep experience is much improved as a result.
Jonathan H.
Satisfied Customer
Larry is great! He has so many different areas of town where you can find him so getting your knives sharpened is convenient. He can sharpen just about anything and his prices are absolutely reasonable. This in addition to just being a really nice guy. Highly recommend.
Alyssa P.
Satisfied Customer
Hi Larry, thanks for coming out to the house. The knives are amazing! We will call you again in the future.
Dale S.
Satisfied Customer
The best!
Melissa J.
Satisfied Customer
They did a awesome job with my knives in Winston.
Chris B.
Satisfied Customer
You did a good job with my knives last year. Needs to be done again.
George S.
Satisfied Customer
My knives ended up sharper than when I bought them! Totally using him again!
Satisfied Customer
I absolutely recommend. Very affordable sharpening service. My son and I have went twice in two weeks and are very pleased with his sharpening! 5⭐️
Jason S.
Satisfied Customer
Sharpened by the sun

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