Happy Holidays to All!
Sharpening services will be unavailable
December 24th - January 5th

Chef Sharp Mail In Form

At Chef Sharp we make your mail-in knife sharpening as easy and convenient as possible. Simply wrap your knives, mail them to us, and we will have them shipped back to you within 24-hours. We send every return knife sharpening package, either priority mail or UPS.

Follow These Steps to Mail in Your Knives:

1. Complete our digital “Mail-in Form”.
2. Once received, Chef Sharp will send you a square invoice to be paid before shipping.
3. Get your package ready!

Gather all of your knives you need sharpened. If you have sheaths, they are great for shipping knives, otherwise, wrap in newspaper or other protective material. I recommend in USPS “if it fits, it ships” boxes.
4. Insurance isn’t mandatory but always a good idea.
5. Turn-around time is generally 24-hours. We’ll return your knives via USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Return shipping is $10.00 per order. Orders over $60.00 ship FREE!

if repairs (broken tips, chips etc) are needed am additional charge would be incurred